Sunday, February 5, 2012


So since my last post a lot has happened.
classes have started up again.
my best friend left for the Air Force and won't be back until August.
I submitted my applications to six different schools to transfer to in the fall. yea after all of that change I'm a little bit overwhelmed. Right now I am simply taking it one day at a time and cherishing each one because I realize that these days are limited. after this semester so many things in my life are going to change. I'm still not sure what my summer is going to consist of yet as far as jobs go and after that my younger friends are going off to college now too. Right when I'll be leaving for who-knows-what school, my best friend will be coming home and going to whichever school she decides on.Essentially it comes down to the fact that things are never going to be how they are at this point in my life again. I feel like I did at graduation last year but multiplied by ten. It really hit me hard when Samantha left for the Air Force last Sunday and this past week has just consisted of me coming to terms with all of this inevitable change that is coming up so fast.
I'm Changing.
My friends and family are changing.
Life is nothing but constant change and the faster I can accept that, the easier everything else will be.
I know things can't stay the same. I know that I need to move on, grow up and change.
I need to stop being afraid, and embrace everything that God
 throws at me.


  1. Our lives! So fast, so fleeting, but only what we want to make of it. I know you are making your life what you want it to be, Jen, and I will always support you in that. I also love the bird image. And you!

    Don't forget you can always call or e-mail.


  2. Yo dawg, this shit is real touchin fo real, bffs for life.